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與大家同行 Walk Together

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香港手語聖經 恭祝各位聖誕快樂,耶穌愛你 

Hong Kong Sign Language Bible - Wish you Merry Christmas & Jesus Love you!

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香港手語聖經 HKSLB 
恭祝大家 新年快樂 Wish you all Happy New Year

身心健康 – Good Health and mind 

出入平安 – Always Safe Where You Go 

福杯滿溢 – Overflowing Blessings 

與神同行 – Walk with God 

常常喜樂 – Rejoice Always 

剛強壯膽 – Be Strong 

不住禱告 – Pray Continually 

主賜平安 – May God bless you with peace

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香港手語聖經HKSLB_復活節快樂! Happy Easter Day!

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